Sanibel Summer: Beach Relief

Summer beach scene at Sanibel

Getting to back to Sanibel in June 2020 was a welcome break – beach relief, indeed! I was not very busy (or obsessed) with the camera on this trip but got some interesting images.

I have done some video work in my visits, but not a well-planned project. For the June 2020 visit I put together a short video. The video I shot was to try out new variable-ND filters and I got some decent results, including a few good shots from the Sanibel Thriller.

I got the variable ND filters specifically for video. It’s so bright in the beach setting that a filter is a big help. I did not go the full-crazy production route using a color checker, either. I found my inexpensive filters to be very good with video, and not so good with still images. That’s just an observation of casual use in this setting, not a review!

I have also come to love and depend on the use of a monopod when I shoot video. The monopod didn’t make the trip as my idea was to travel as light as possible. Still, I took so many things in my camera backpack that never saw the beach. Naturally, since I did not take the monopod I wanted it as soon as I got there. I’m not particularly skilled or practiced with handheld shots or techniques with the strap. On the boat, I just used a simple pistol-grip handle to mount the camera.

I love working with the ‘real’ camera, but I must admit that sometimes it’s easier to put together really good video from an iPhone.

The island was at half-capacity for visitors, which suited me just fine. I took the camera with me almost everywhere, as I liked the idea of a compact 40mm lens being less obvious … and even so, I just did not shoot very much. Good excuse to get back there and do it right!