Colorful Things

This cardinal has recently taken to hanging around near my home, sometimes in a tree in my backyard or one of the neighboring yards. So far this year, this is the best image I’ve managed. For someone who knows nothing about birds, I take a lot of photos of birds.

It’s helpful that this cardinal has a very distinct voice and so I know when it’s nearby. The mate also appears from time to time and hopefully I’ll get them in or around the bird bath. Of course this gives me the fantastic excuse to use the 70-200, which I love in spite of its size and unwieldy weight. 

About five years ago a pair of cardinals (male and female) were inhabiting the backyard area and I managed some photos one day when one sat in a small tree and enjoyed a the intermittent shower of an oscillating sprinkler.

That one also took advantage of the bird bath. I wish I could get that close again! 

Meanwhile it’s another semi-random collection of photos that have pretty colors. I was playing with my variable ND filters for most of these.