Colorful Things

This cardinal has recently taken to hanging around near my home, sometimes in a tree in my backyard or one…Continue readingColorful Things

Florida Winter Brings Lower Gravity

After Sanibel the environment around my house seems dull, and then the weather turned cool, which for me ruins everything.…Continue readingFlorida Winter Brings Lower Gravity

Autumn in the Gulf

Day One An overcast start to the day got sunny and hot. This was my first close-up look at a…Continue readingAutumn in the Gulf

Eat the Worm – Weekday Edition!

These birds are ready to party. Okay, they aren’t partying. This is a different thing, obviously, that has to do…Continue readingEat the Worm – Weekday Edition!

Local Bird Models for New Lens

This interesting visitor happened to be checking out the the scene in my front yard when I went outside to…Continue readingLocal Bird Models for New Lens

Sanibel Summer: Beach Relief

Getting to back to Sanibel in June 2020 was a welcome break – beach relief, indeed! I was not very…Continue readingSanibel Summer: Beach Relief

Sanibel Island: Sea, sand, shells

I take photos of anything that seems interesting. Visiting Sanibel Island has been good exercise for my camera obsession. When…Continue readingSanibel Island: Sea, sand, shells

New post, old stuff

About five years ago I tried out the movie-making software from vimeo called “Cameo.” Kinda neat. My finished product is…Continue readingNew post, old stuff